Youth Charges

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Youth Rights

Young people between the ages of 12 and 17 accused of crimes fall under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). It is very important that you choose a lawyer who understands these special cases if your son or daughter is accused of a crime.

Youth Criminal Justice Act provides young people with special rights and focuses on rehabilitation and reintegration.

In accordance with the YCJA, police and Crown attorneys must respect the rights of young people. The Youth Crimes Prevention Act, for example, requires that any statement made by a young person to the police must be made in the presence of his or her lawyer and a parent or other appropriate adult chosen by the young person unless the young person expressly states otherwise. The lawyers at SC Criminal Defence may challenge the police’s right to take a statement if they have not respected these rights.

Youth Court Justice Act is designed to keep children out of the justice system and out of jail. There are a number of extrajudicial and alternative measures that allow young people to repair the damage without having to go through a court process. According to the law, young people shall not be jailed except in the case of exceptional circumstances, where a court finds there is no other reasonable alternative. In addition, the YCJA’s main objective is to rehabilitate and reintegrate young people back into society.

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We at SC Criminal Defence have a combined experience in the legal field. The experience we have gained over the years allows us to defend children and adults alike against criminal charges. Our record of success helps us to deliver exceptional results each and every time.

Young offender lawyers at our firm are very experienced with the range of outcomes available to young offenders. Our goal is to prevent charges from being brought against our young clients, have the charges dropped, and keep our young clients out of jail. We come up with creative solutions so that police involvement and/or court involvement has the least impact on our young clients. Moreover, our attorneys can connect kids with the many resources and programs available to help them restart their lives.

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In order to protect the rights of young people, our experienced Toronto criminal defence lawyers are prepared to keep them out of court and out of jail. For a free consultation, please call (647) 561-4020 or contact us online.