Weapons possession and Gun charge

Toronto Criminal Lawyers Defending Against Gun and Weapon Charges

Toronto Criminal Lawyers Defending Against Gun and Weapon Charges
The penalties for firearms and weapons offences can be surprisingly long, resulting in long prison terms. For many of these crimes, the mandatory minimum sentences (sentences that must be imposed upon conviction) are higher for a second or subsequent offence.

When you choose our firm, we will launch a fearless defence against gun and firearms charges based on our extensive experience and knowledge.

Defending against all weapons and firearms charges

All types of gun crimes, as well as other weapons offences, including knives and clubs, can be defended by our attorneys. Our lawyers defend clients against charges such as possession of an unauthorized firearm, carrying a concealed weapon, and unlawful discharge of a firearm.

Criminal Charges Associated with Firearms

Weapons and firearms charges are not always isolated incidents. In most cases, they are related to other criminal charges, making a conviction even more severe.
For example, an assault charge with a firearm will carry a more significant sentence than a simple assault charge. The main aim of our firm is to obtain acquittals for our clients.

You can seek defence from SC Criminal Defence if you are facing the following charges:

  • Gun charges involving drugs;
  • Charges of robbery involving firearms;
  • Assaults involving firearms;
  • Crimes involving guns committed by gangs.

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