Record Destruction

Expungement/Record destruction - what is it?

A record destruction, or expungement, can be obtained by anyone who is charged with a crime but is not convicted, or who has been charged but already received a pardon. As part of Canadian Record Destruction, fingerprints, photographs, and court and police records associated with the arrest are destroyed and all information from the CPIC database is removed.

Record destruction/ expungement: What are the benefits?

If you have been arrested and charged, the record of this can appear on a police background check even if you weren’t convicted of the charges. A record of arrest will, much like a criminal conviction, inhibit your ability to advance in your career, purchase a home, and travel. When your records are destroyed, you can rest assured that the record of your arrest and charge won’t affect your future.

Are you looking for Canadian records
destruction services or expungement lawyer?

Our legal, administrative, and expungement lawyers at SC Criminal Defence have years of experience effectively handling the record destruction process. In order to access the information and destroy records accurately, we work with police detachments and other relevant parties. We take care of your record destruction application from verifying the arresting detachment and learning their Criminal File Destruction policies to removing your records from the Canadian Police Information Centre database and destroying your fingerprint information.

What are the requirements for destroying my
criminal record in Canada?

Record destruction can only be requested if your charges have been dismissed or discharged. Also, you may request the destruction of your records if you have already been granted a pardon.

Your eligibility for record destruction and the documents required to apply will depend on the circumstances of your case.

We at SC Criminal Defence, our experienced expungement lawyers free consultations to determine if you are eligible for Expungement/Record Destruction.