Criminal harassment

"Stalking" or Criminal Harassment: An Overview

Increasingly common in Ontario courts, this charge carries a stigma that people will want to avoid. The criminal conviction of harassment can make a person unattractive to potential employers and make it difficult for them to enter the United States. When a person is found guilty of criminal harassment, a weapons ban for ten years is also mandatory. Prosecutors will routinely request DNA samples from criminals for the Canadian DNA data bank.

It is strongly suggested that people consult with an experienced criminal harassment lawyer when faced with this type of charge, since the consequences of a conviction are severe.

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The Criminal Harassment Act

According to the courts, the following activities can be considered criminal harassment (or stalking):
Following someone they know or a complainant repeatedly
Communication with a complainant or someone known to them on a frequent basis
Monitoring or “besetting” a known place where the complainant is expected to be found
Using threatening conduct against the complainant or anyone known to them

The accused must either know or be reckless about whether the complainant is harassed by one or more of the above-mentioned methods. The complainant must also have reasonably feared for their safety or the safety of someone known to them as a result of the conduct.

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