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Who We Are?

SC Criminal Defence law firm provides comprehensive legal advice and passionate advocacy for every category of criminal offence in Toronto. With an emphasis on professionalism, client services, and advocacy, we represent clients from the beginning of the criminal process until trial.

We have also represented clients across Toronto and Greater Toronto Area through our partners and lawyers. Every member of our team has specialized skills ranging from white-collar crimes to murder. SC Criminal Defence firm has built its practice around client service and satisfaction. We are dedicated to achieving results, remaining available to clients, and informing them of the progress of their files.

The goal of SC Criminal Defence Law firm is to offer clients responsive, transparent, and exceptional services. Client service, legal excellence, and dedication are the firm’s core values. Our top criminal lawyer Toronto successfully defended allegations of homicide, assault, fraud, and many other criminal offences in Toronto and GTA.

Dedicated to be the Top criminal lawyer Toronto

What To Expect From SC Criminal Defence?

Lawyers at SC Criminal Defence law firm specialize in crafting tailored legal arguments at trial and appeal levels. Dedicated to achieving the best possible results for their clients, its lawyers have a solid work ethic and strong work ethic. The firm’s clients will meet regularly with our team to be informed of any updates on their criminal defence cases. Whenever you have questions regarding criminal law, they will always be available to help.

We always prioritize our clients’ needs

Our Clients Come First

We won’t leave any stone unturned to save you. We always prioritize our clients’ needs. Attorneys at our firm will never take advantage of the media to promote themselves at the expense of their clients. Putting your well-being and interests above the spotlight, we put your rights and privacy first.

Our values extend beyond the courtroom. The lawyers in our firm offer their expertize and time to charities across the province as active volunteers.

We will do everything possible to make the experience pleasant

Our Team is Working Towards A Common Goal

Our goal is to achieve the best possible result in criminal defence cases. You may feel frightened after being charged with a crime. The attorneys’ SC Criminal Defence law firm will do everything possible to make the experience pleasant. You can feel confident that the firm is doing everything possible to advance your case by staying updated.

We have demonstrated experience working with the media and know-how to maintain confidentiality. Our clients encounter the criminal justice system for the first time in many cases. The firm thrives when facing cases with serious consequences. SC Criminal Defence has defended the reputations of bankers, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. To maintain the high-quality service provided to their current clients, the lawyers may decline new clients for certain periods.

A criminal charge can be a life-changing experience

Discover A Different Approach

SC Criminal Defence law firm’s top criminal lawyers have years of experience handling various types of criminal cases.

A criminal charge can be a life-changing experience. Our lawyers know what is important in criminal cases. Our criminal defence attorneys are problem solvers.

Many of our clients report relief upon engaging SC Criminal Defence law firm because they know their case is in experienced hands. At SC Criminal Defence, we tailor our experience and expertize to meet the needs of each client. In the criminal justice system, we are respected for our ability to disassemble and defend complex cases.

SC Criminal Defence Law firm is committed to providing top-quality service for criminal offences in Toronto and GTA. So you are always welcome with your issues and we would love to take it as our problem.

Sohana Chowdhury - Barrister & Solicitor​


For over a decade, Sohana Chowdhury has been practicing law in England, Bangladesh and Canada. She graduated from the University of London with a mark of credit, and completed the Bar Professional Training Course at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Sohana was called to the bar of England & Wales as a barrister by the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.  She then moved to Canada and got her Master’s in Law from Osgoode Hall Law School.  She has trained with criminal law specialist David G. Bayliss and later served as a federal Crown agent in Oshawa. This is where Sohana dealt exclusively with drug charges and gained expert strategies that the prosecution may use to approach cases. Through her knowledge, experience and courageous fierce attitude, Sohana Chowdury started her own practice working with an incredible team of professionals that is waiting for your call today.
Because when you call Sohana, you don’t just call a lawyer, you call a friend.


Stephanie Colangelo - Legal Assistant

Stephanie is our legal assistant at SC Criminal Defence.  Stephanie graduated with Honours from Mohawk College with a paralegal diploma in 2021.  Stephanie also has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (Honours) from Brock University and a Master’s of Science in Education from Niagara University in Lewiston, New York.

Having 18 years of combined experience in education, law, property management, and digital marketing, Stephanie works relentlessly to serve the clients and assists in court.